Completion Coordinator

The Completion Coordinator is a highly experienced (+15 years) ex-Service (e.g., Baker, BJ, EXPRO, Schlumberger, Superior, etc.) hand. Typically, most of their experience is gained in the field as a Lead Tool Supervisor running equipment followed by time spent in a client’s office as a Desk Engineer. In some cases, they may have served in a Managerial role.

The Completion Coordinator is utilized in 3 key roles:

  1. Office
  2. Shop
  3. Wellsite (Rig)


In the office, they help in the completion design and support the tender / procurement process. After a supplier is selected, the Coordinators support the Engineer to ensure we are getting the best, fit-for-purpose equipment to match the proposed completion design. Ideally, they will participate in a Design Review, especially when it comes to the operational review and interrogating the run history. This is the major value proposition for their role in the office; however, they perform alot of other job duties in support of the Engineer with regard to general preparation and project management of the planning and executing of a completion. The Coordinators generally have an “eagle-eye” for operational details, and their involvement in the job planning process is considered to be invaluable.


We have a rigorous Shop QAQC process for the inspection, assembly and test of equipment (rentals, assemblies, etc.). Part of that rigor requires an Engineer (or his designee) to witness assembly and test. At Noble Energy (a key client), we have largely designated the Coordinator to be the witness in the Shop. Noble has derived significant, two-fold financial benefit: 1.) issues have been caught at the shop level (never having the chance to make it to the rig); and 2.) the actual NPT has been very low (the track record on the website provide demonstrative evidence of this). An additional benefit we’ve seen from Coordinators presence in the Shop, is in the job readiness … they tend to “take charge” and “make things happen” so that we don’t endanger having a rig shut down by late delivery or not having the right equipment.

Wellsite (Rig)

The Coordinators role on the rig is to ensure the well is completed according to the Completion Procedure and that the Suppliers perform to their highest level of service quality and adhere to their Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). Given the high level experience and knowledge of the Coordinator, their focused observations at the rig floor ensure that operational errors are not committed. By far this biggest value contribution of the Coordinator is manifest in this role.

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