Why Quality Assurance is Important

The intricacies of critical well design and the delivery of ultra-high rate gas wells are each filled with complexities. A well’s complexity is directly related to the environment in which the well is being drilled and to a multitude of factors that can affect performance, safety, and the lifecycle and integrity of a company’s oil and gas assets. A well-thought-out Quality Management System (QMS) developed by an experienced team of engineers, quality experts, and inspectors can save an organization time and money and mitigate risk. This is precisely why a highly skilled technical team whose experience is rooted in some of the most complex and critical wells in the world is a team that is the most qualified for the job.

Quality Assurance and Quality Control for Oil & Gas Operators

Healy Energy works with companies to ensure that their well construction projects are adhering to design criteria and industry standards and also creates quality plans and processes that can mitigate risk. Healy is also hired to oversee adherence to quality plans by providing inspectors to provide verification that quality requirements are met. Healy has helped some of the world’s major oil & gas corporations to develop their own QMS (guidelines, specifications, procedures and processes) and then supported implementation thru development of QA/QC departments. Healy’s diversified technical and work experience across design, field development, inspection and quality offer oil & gas clients unique and valuable professional expertise and insight into well design, well construction, supervision, and adherence to industry standards. The Healy Energy team works hand-in-hand across these complementary and critical domains to deliver a comprehensive solution for clients that help to increase the return on investment, decrease the likelihood of failure and the time it takes to bring resources to the market, and maintain the integrity of assets.

A Critical Eye:  Design, Inspect, Verify and Transfer

The Healy Energy team has helped plan, design, build, inspect and verify some of the world’s most critical well and deep-water projects. Experience in these complex environments offers real value to clients.


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