Engineering Services for the Oil and Gas Industry

Healy Energy works with Drilling Managers and Completions Managers who seek a partner that will not only lead their team in the delivery of critical wells, but also a trusted partner that is highly experienced in developing and implementing a rigorous QA/QC program. Healy’s track record of “delivering wells as promised” offers peace of mind for oil & gas clients. Our well-rounded team with the experience of a professional engineer, field experience, and QA/QC expertise ensure projects are delivered responsibly with regard to timeline, budget, and most importantly the way the original design was intended.

Project Management

The combined experience of the Healy Energy team and proven track record of delivering ultra-high production rates on some of the world’s most critical wells enables us to get clients from planning to production in an efficient way but with the required robust and rigorous engineering these wells demand.

Well Design

The Healy Energy team specializes in the design of critical wells. Our advanced well design services enable the drilling and completion for everything from the most straightforward projects to the most challenged of wells. Our experience in helping to deliver wells in some of the world’s most complex offshore environments translates into invaluable advice for all of our clients.

Nodal Analysis

Taking a system-wide analysis approach to a network of well components and a myriad of reservoir variables is an arduous yet necessary process in order to develop well design concepts. These concepts can then be evaluated both from design feasibility and operational risk standpoints as well as their economic value. Healy approaches integrated systems and design analysis as the rare and valuable science of potential value that it is. Healy understands that building the “right” well can determine not only returns, but how fast a company will see them.

Tubing Design & APB Analysis

The selection and specification of the tubing has many implications and it is one of the most fundamental determinants of the wells production rate. We have a complete understanding of the critical design analysis and risk assessment around this important element of the well including Annular Pressure Build-up (APB) and tri-axial stress analysis.

Wellbore Schematics

From concept to installation, the wellbore schematic is the unifying core document. A well-laid plan can be the difference between optimized production and a well with a less than stellar performance. Healy calls on its vast experience, engineering background, and deep knowledge of critical well design to develop these detailed “blueprints” that managers can understand, engineers can build, and operations personnel can construct.

Detailed Engineering

Our team designs with production reliability, well integrity and operational performance in mind. Sound equipment design requires detailed planning, sophisticated calculations, and development of an equipment statement of requirements (ESOR). Our statement of requirements offers detailed technical and functional requirements for critical engineered equipment that are used for procurement from qualified suppliers.

Flow Assurance

A key component of detailed well design is flow assurance.  For ultra high rate gas wells, erosion and corrosion are major engineering analysis that must undertaken to ensure that the well is properly equipped to endure the critical service or at least the thresholds rates are known.  Healy has a specialty in erosion analysis, corrosion, and sanding risk.

QA/QC & Inspection

Healy develops Quality Management Systems (QMS) for managing and improving the quality of processes and equipment. Quality plans may include procedures, manuals, checklists, forms, and training.

Tendering & Procurement

Finding vendors that can reliably deliver results who will also work as trusted partners often requires a rigorous vetting process. Healy will assemble RFQs/RFPs from vendors, evaluate and select the vendor or supplier, and work with procurement to secure purchase orders.

Detailed Operational Procedures

Healy produces and delivers very detailed guides outlining descriptions of how to construct and operate a well. These guides are tailored to the unique needs of each client project.

Rig Site Support

Healy can also provide operational support for clients needing a third party to ensure that daily operational procedures (DOP) are being followed properly every day.

Post-Job Analysis

Detailed written reports that outline the plan, what was installed, successes, and lessons learned are how we document our work, and, perhaps even more importantly, what we can learn from a project. These narratives deliver value beyond the fruits of even the most successful wells.

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