Why Healy Energy? Experienced and Proven in Completions and QA/QC

Rarely will you find a company built around the expertise of not only a good completions engineer, but also one with a QA/QC background that very few have. That’s where we come in.

Track Record of Delivering Complicated, Ultra-High-Rate Producing Gas Wells

• Healy Energy helped to successfully deliver five ultra-high-rate gas wells completed in the deep-water (5500 ft) of offshore Israel. Gas produced from these Tamar gas wells will help provide domestic gas for the state of Israel for the next 25 years.

• Healy Energy delivered two ultra-high-rate Big Bore wells that were completed in a highly depleted gas reservoir, producing critical gas supplies in excess of +240 MMCF/d per well to the Israeli gas market. Read the Mari-B industry paper here.

• Healy Energy delivered three ultra-high-rate gas wells (+300 MMCF/d per well) for the initial feed and start-up of LNG Train 4. Production for these critical offshore Trinidad wells reached production levels of nearly 1 BCF/d. Read the Cannonball industry paper here.

• John Healy, Jr. is a professional engineer with 28 years of experience, an M.B.A., has written seven industry papers and holds two industry patents.

An Experienced and Complete Team Approach: Design. Ensure. Oversee.

Healy’s approach to a successful completion is rooted in a sequential phased delivery methodology. The Healy team believes it takes the right design, detailed engineering, QA/QC and flawless execution to deliver successful wells. We also understand that it takes the expertise of our entire team to do that. Throughout every project, the Healy team works collaboratively to ensure that we deliver the right well, on time, and how we said we would deliver it. Global experience in planning, design, completions, QA/QC and well site operations ensures we do our jobs effectively and efficiently. Our work on critical wells around the world empowers our team to not only understand the viability and feasibility of design concepts, but also to deliver wells in a short time frame while still maintaining rigorous and detailed engineering.

Quality Assurance and Quality Control Experts

Quality Assurance and Quality Control are critical components in any oil & gas project. Not only is Healy Energy experienced in QA/QC, but in many cases we author the specifications, provide the Inspectors and then manage the engagement – a completely integrated approach to this critical service. Companies trust Healy Energy to write quality plans and to assemble QA/QC Teams. Having experts like Healy who understand and can proactively work to protect a drilling and completion project against equipment failure, mitigate risk, and enhance safety is an asset to any team at any level of engagement.

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