Engineering and QA/QC for the Oil & Gas Industry

Healy Works with Oil & Gas Majors, Suppliers, and Completions Engineers

Healy Energy specializes in designing, project managing, assuring quality, and constructing some of the world’s most critical wells. We work with major oil & gas companies, equipment suppliers, drilling and completions engineers, and procurement teams by offering our expertise to these groups in the form of Engineering Services and Quality Assurance/Quality Control.

A Proven Track Record and 28 Years of Experience

Healy Energy is a company built on a track record of performance. We strive to deliver the wells we promise. Our 28 years of diversified experience and track record of delivering ultra-high-rate gas wells all over the world in varied and complex environments enable us to that. John Healy, Jr. is a professional engineer, holds an M.B.A. from Tulane University, has written more than seven industry papers, and holds two industry patents. Healy has assembled a complete team with experts he knows and trusts from his many years of as a professional engineer in the industry working for companies such as Anadarko, BP, Noble Energy, Mobil, HESS, ExxonMobil, and Murphy Exploration.

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